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The next generation of medical technologies protecting human privacy whilst
delivering the fastest global tracking, tracing and enhanced medical capabilities.

Global track and tracing with associative logic

Through associating devices rather than people, it is now possible to track and trace the interaction between devices using country configurations of distance.

By “tagging” a trace template onto a person’s record, and then associating a device with that person, our services rapidly trace people who have been in close contact with a person who has been flagged as infected. This means that a person who has been in contact is flagged amber and the application provides information to the person through their app or wearable.

Individual countries can be assured that sensitive data is not relayed to other countries as the app just flags amber or red and a person traveling to another country enters the local jurisdiction without passing any further information other than the flag.

Future proofing track and trace

With countries spending millions of dollars developing track and trace due to Covid-19, it was important for Medical Trace Technologies to ensure the technology we developed could be used beyond the pandemic.

Our wearable technology is developing to monitor a person’s health to assist with potential health issues and updating personal information securely which can be used by medical centers. In the future, we are intending to license the technology so as current wearable providers can integrate into the MTT web services and provide their own solutions through our partner program.

Reducing risk and time during initial patient contact

When paramedics make initial contact with a patient, they are met with an area of high risk through administering drugs which could potentially harm or even kill a person with allergies or ongoing medical condition. The current medical talisman was the only method of identification and can create ambiguities when a language barrier is present.

MTT offers the ability for the talisman record to be tagged onto a person and their associate wearable device simply transmits a unique identification which is associated with them. Paramedics devices are permissioned to scan and transmit the ID to our web services and they immediately receive the patient’s medications, allergies and even previous records.

The paramedic’s time to complete records is reduced dramatically and even handover at hospital can be rapid releasing the paramedics to attend the next callout.

From admission to discharge, a fully integrated solution

Currently, many hospitals are using paperwork as the main source of patient records and notes. Doctors and nurses are reliant upon boards on beds and even with some using QR codes on wristbands, there are still many complex procedures required.

As with the paramedic able to scan the patient’s wearable to attain records, hospital staff who are permissioned can receive and update records from their devices. Updates made are securely “locked” into the patients’ personal wallet and are encrypted to ensure they are only visible to the correct people.

Just like our track and trace solution, countries can interchange specific data with the knowledge that sensitive information is not accessible.

Extending tracking and tracing to all medical equipment

The lifecycle of medical equipment, beds and tools is an extremely complex, yet important part of the day to day operations of hospitals, care homes and medical centres globally. With the complexities of recent infections and viruses adding to the burden, Medical Trace Technologies has embraced the full associative traceability used in people infection tracking and embedded the technology into any type of equipment.
Rather than using complex Bluetooth arrays located throughout hospitals, MTT has reduced the wearable size and technology to enable a cost-effective hardware which can be simply attached to equipment and registered within our cloud. Using GPS, WIFI and localised Bluetooth, smart tracking and associations are rapidly computed and effectively presented through a completely automated solution.
Whether it be equipment location or tracing equipment which has been in or close contact to an infected person, a simple enquiry produces an entire map of associations and locations.

Protecting patients through intelligent prescription administration

Even with the most thorough administration of medication, there has been numerous incorrectly allocated medications to patients. A simple misinterpretation of identity can lead to potentially critical and life-threatening mistakes whereby a patient may receive another patient’s medication. Also, it can be hard to determine whether a patient is taking the medication as prescribed.
With a simple identity template “glued” onto a patient’s asset record in Every Asset, we can ensure the identity of the patient matches that of the prescribed medication and even smart match to ensure the patient is the correct person at administration point. Smart wearable technology not only records the patient’s daily vitals, but also provides the ability for the patient to be alerted to take the medication and records once taken.
In the modern health sector, it is now vital to be able to clear down patients from hospitals as fast as possible, and MTT provide the solution for remote monitoring of medication alongside continuous reporting of health and vital signs meaning a patient can be discharged more efficiently, reducing the costs associated with long term stay in hospital.

Tracing Capabilities

By partnering with Every Asset, and the unlimited, but highly standardised templating and hybrid
blockchain, we are able to map every type of flora and fauna and then allow participants to create a digital twin as an asset.


Privacy With no data stored on devices and fully encrypted, template-based record
management, people are finally able to consider their personal data safe
from theft and corruption.


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