It was time to drive the medical sector to the next
generation, and we built the team to get the job done

Even before Covid-19, we knew the world needed a change for the good and
with a little help from our partner, Every Asset, we took on the task to rebuild
from the ground up.

Track and trace of people, medication, equipment and more was the brainchild of our lead architect

Through the development of associative assets with Every Asset, we could develop the next generation of track and trace, whilst also preserving the privacy of people. However, it was only through the partnering with key companies and technologies which provided the final go to market solution.

Origination need not be a painful exercise

Our architect was “luckily” also one of the original architects of our partner and supplier, Every Asset from Universal Asset Sciences. Every Asset was designed to allow rapid development for partner companies and connect to one of the world’s largest distributed transaction ledgers (or huge database). Using the framework of Every Asset, our development has been accelerated immensely and allowed us to drive forward to achieve the next generation technology needed to empower the medical sector. And, as with the heading, it really wasn’t painful at all.