The Every Asset team had a vision,
which they needed to share

Medical Trace Technologies are an independent software vendor, partnered with
Every Asset to deliver the most powerful medical solution in the world

The creation of an entirely new solution, capable of driving world standardisation and data flow

Every Asset was born through the need to solve a number of real-world problems. The initial problem poised to the chief architect and original designer, Steven Jupp was from a global lawyer whose main role was to find the “blame” when oil rigs had disasters and / or large-scale failures. He found that on many occasions, the asset list was so poor that product recalls had been missed and components failed catastrophically. One such example was a failure of a recalled anode on a main oil pipe causing a large rupture directly into the surrounding ocean.

It was evident to Steven that standard asset management solutions were simply too archaic, and he had to design a modern world solution, but that which was capable of allowing legacy systems to simply “bolt in”.

How a partner application like Medical Trace Technologies utilises Every Asset – just like gluing on assets

When a partner application of Every Asset is installed or signed up to, the application may have templates which need to be bonded onto the user and / or company signing up. For instance, with MTT, the person signs up and installs the app, the application is provided with the authorisation to dynamically “glue” specific templates onto the user asset. The template then provides the enhancement to the application in order to be able to store data regarding the person during the lifecycle of the installation.

The ultimate in real time tracking and tracing

From tracing associative asset contact in customs and excise through to supply chain, the entire history of an
asset cannot and will not ever be deleted along with every single touch point from any application or person.