People’s privacy is now paramount to ensure their data
belongs to them, not the online world

The importance of personal information was at the very foundation of our
platform requirements and with Every Asset, we have achieved it

The foundations of privacy, built from the ground up rather than an afterthought

People have become aware of the spread of their personal data across the web and organisations or even governments mining the data on a daily basis.

We have worked hard with our partner, Every Asset to develop a real-world privacy centric solution to move the control back to the people using our solutions. With a simple bonding of our data requirements to a person’s profile, we can only see data related to our application. We call it the need to know foundation.

Even medical personnel and governments can only see data which they are permitted to, so people can be rest assured that they are safe in our hands.

Cross border data privacy and sharing through sensitive countries

Every Asset contains a form of border control to ensure that countries are not able to see data which others consider sensitive. Cloud services are segregated through high profile security services and countries agree which data can be shared before connections are made. This works perfectly for Medical Trace Technologies with only infection association data being capable of cross border querying. With this, our solution is able to track and trace infection and / or contamination globally whilst keeping peoples identities anonymous and complying with the regulatory requirements of each country around the world.